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When it comes to Lotto, we have all the options you need to play online at Lottoland. Whether it’s the big-money lotteries from the US you like the best, such as the lucrative MegaMillions, we have you covered. But you can expand your lottery horizons to Europe’s biggest draws, like EuroMillions and Euro Numbers to put yourself in the running to win big. And Australia’s major games are covered too, ensuring you have the chance to win millions in any of the major lottery jackpots.

US Powerball is America’s number one export and always a favourite due to its world-record payouts. We have you covered for that right here in Australia, at just $5 per game getting you a chance for a minimum $55 million jackpot. Some US Powerball jackpots even tip the scales at a staggering $1 billion, so you really can’t afford to miss out on your chance at instant riches with draws twice a week, all available to enjoy from the comfort of your home with Lottoland.

US MegaMillions lottery is one of America’s and even the world’s major jackpot games and it has some of the lowest ticket prices out there. But it’s the US MegaMillions jackpots that really make the eyes water, with the jackpots starting at $20 million each week and scaling the heights of an amazing $800 million – so don’t miss out. Players from Australia can now join the action on these American lotto favourites with huge jackpot payouts.

EuroMillions is a popular and lucrative multinational European lottery involving France, Spain, the UK and other European countries, and now you can play too, with low ticket prices getting you in the running. EuroMillions boasts the biggest lotto jackpots in Europe, while Euro Numbers is another potential winner. You can now play both of them with Lottoland!

Back home, the lottery favourites are Australian Lotto on Saturday and Wednesday, and now you can also play them at Lottoland, where your winning chances are multiplied by our range of choices. Lottoland also has the Australian Lotto Super Draws that give you plenty of chances to become an instant multi-millionaire. And if you have your eye on the main event on the Australian lottery calendar, the Lotto Megadraw, that is covered as well. The Megadraws are rare highlights of the year with jackpots around $30 million.

Lottoland lets you play all of these exciting lotteries no matter where you are. Whether your favourite is Australian Lotto or the big-money international draws, you can get it all right here in Australia online. So why limit yourself to the same old lotteries when you can expand your horizons and multiply your chances of winning?

You can even play that fun, numbers-based gambling game called Keno online with Lottoland. It puts you in the frame for $1 million wins each and every day, so you really can’t afford to miss out.

Lottoland Australia Lotteries Offered

Play US Powerball Online

Try your hand at US Powerball, the multi-state, US-based lottery which is always a favourite thanks to massive, record-setting US Powerball jackpots. Simply pick five numbers and of course the US Powerball to win prizes in nine separate prize divisions.

All you have to do is pick five numbers between one and 69 and a US Powerball number between one and 26 and you’re in the running for a minimum of $55 million jackpot – so head over now and pick your winning Powerball numbers. All you need is $5 per game to be in with a shout, with world-record jackpots having scaled the heights of an astonishing $1 billion in the past.

The US Powerball jackpot draw is held on Thursdays and Sundays. If you win, you can choose to receive your winnings in a lump sum or spread your fortune throughout your life with instalments over 30 years.

US Powerball subscriptions can be obtained easily from Lottoland, which allows you to play America’s favourite lotto in Australia. The added bonus of a subscription is automatic entry to draws to make sure you don’t miss out on your big chance. Check our website each week for US Powerball results and your shot at being a multi-millionaire.

Play Euro Millions Online

Expand your lottery horizons to Europe’s biggest draws, including EuroMillions, and put yourself in the running to win big. It is a lucrative multinational European lottery involving 13 European countries who group their lotto pay-outs into enormous jackpots. Now you can play too, with low ticket prices putting you in the running for Europe’s biggest lotto jackpots.

Play EuroMillions from Australia with Lottoland and win up to $267 million just for picking five winning EuroMillions numbers, plus two star numbers. EuroMillions couldn’t be easier – select five numbers between one and 50 and two star numbers from one to 11 and you’ve got a chance to win the jackpot each week. The minimum weekly jackpot is a cool $21 million, but it can rise up and beyond an awesome $250 million.

The EuroMillions lotto is drawn twice a week – on Tuesday and again on Friday – every week in Paris, offering the biggest lotto jackpots in Europe since 2004. You’ll be in the running for just $5 per game, and with Lottoland you’ll never miss the chance for a jackpot with a EuroMillions subscription that enters you automatically, so you’ll never forget. Not convinced? Come over to Lottoland and be impressed by the size of past winning draws, EuroMillions results and the huge jackpots.

Play Mega Millions Online

When it comes to the MegaMillions, we have you covered. It is one of America’s – and the world’s – biggest and most lucrative lotteries, and now you can play from Australia online with Lottoland.

US MegaMillions has some of the lowest ticket prices out there, and it’s drawn twice a week – on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Simply pick six numbers to scoop the world’s highest lotto jackpots, with some exceeding a staggering $500 million. And the famous 5x Megaplier boosts your winnings by as much as five times from the second division.

To win big at US Mega Millions, you need to pick five numbers from one to 75 and your Megaball number between one and 15, and you’re in the running for instant riches. It costs just $5 per game to play, and if you win the jackpot you’re guaranteed at least $20 million – and the record payout is a whopping $840 million. Visit Lottoland and be stunned by these past MegaMillions results and get choosing your winning MegaMillions numbers today.

You can take your MegaMillions winnings in instalments over 30 years or in an eye-watering lump sum payment, so make sure you don’t miss your chance at instant riches. Play from Australia by subscribing to US MegaMillions through Lottoland, ensuring your automatic entries mean you never miss out.

Play Australian Lotto Online

Lottoland has all your international favourites covered but you can also choose to play Australia’s major games – like Australian Lotto. Wednesday lotto and Saturday lotto are always winners, whether you’re playing all the States’ various lotto identities like Tattslotto, X Lotto or Gold Lotto, or Oz Lotto on Tuesday nights.

Saturday Lotto offers six prize divisions, with a minimum weekly jackpot of $4 million but the possibility to win a whole lot more than that. Lottoland also has the regular Australian Lotto Superdraws that give you plenty of chances to become an instant multi-millionaire, as the jackpot is a guaranteed $20 million.

And at Lottoland you can also pick your numbers for Australian’s lottery main event, the annual Lotto Megadraws, which are rare highlights of the year, with jackpots around $30 million.

Australian Powerball is another proven winner as it is drawn each Thursday with guaranteed $3 million jackpots. These payouts rise to an eye-watering $50 million and more, with more Powerball prize divisions – eight – than any other lotto in Australia. Just pick your six lucky numbers from one to 40 and a Powerball between one and 20.

With Lottoland, you can play all of the best Australian lotteries with one easy interface, ensure you don’t miss a draw by signing up for a subscription, and check in to browse all of the past amazing Lotto results.

Play Keno Online

Lottoland has all your Australian and international lotteries covered in one place – but you can even play that fun, numbers-based gambling game called Keno right at home online. It puts you in the frame for $1 million wins not only each and every day, but every four minutes!

Keno draws occur throughout the afternoon and until the morning light, between 2.34pm and 7.45am AEST, so there’s never an excuse to not be in the running to get that winning keno feeling.

By playing Keno with Lottoland, you get 15 chances to win a million every hour. Learning how to play keno is simple: 20 numbers are drawn from a total of 60 in each draw – and you choose how many numbers between one and 10 you feel lucky about. If you’re feeling really lucky, select all 10 and be in the running to be an instant millionaire.

The good thing about Keno is that if you don’t win big with all of your numbers, you can still win at Lottoland. Just like you play Keno at your local pub or club, playing at Lottoland is exactly the same, except you’re in the comfort of your home, online or via our mobile app.

Stake between $1 and $10 to get as many numbers out of the drawn 20, giving you the best chance to win a million dollars each and every day when you play Keno with Lottoland Australia.