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If you’re passionate about fantasy sports, you’ll love what we’ve got to offer here at iPunt. We provide plenty of in-depth information that makes picking your daily fantasy sports players straight-forward and may even increase your chances of a welcome win! Whether your favourite is fantasy NRL, fantasy AFL or something completely different, you’ll find iPunt’s top suggestions and statistics a great resource when it comes to picking the right combination.

Each week our expert team of fantasy sports enthusiasts take a look at forthcoming events and have a go at deciding which fantasy players are the most likely bunch to emerge victorious. We share with you useful fantasy stats, fantasy projections and our top fantasy picks for fantasy EPL, fantasy NBA and more. No matter what type of sport you’re into, we’ve got the data you need to make the right decisions. Whether you use our data to make your own decisions, or are guided by our surprisingly accurate recommendations, our fantasy sports coverage is essential for picking players successfully.

There’s far more to picking the right fantasy sports teams than just raw points. Sometimes it’s the value of a particular player or combination of players that will swing the score in your favour. If you want more from your fantasy sports experience and really want an opportunity to select the perfect fantasy players for fantasy NFL or some other sport, why not take a look at our fantasy cheat sheets? Specifically designed to help give you the edge when it comes to those all-important fantasy cash games, cheat sheets can transform the way you pick your players. Someone has to win those big money prizes which selecting the right fantasy players for the next major sporting fixture can bring. Using our cheat sheets, fantasy statistics and other vital information could just give you the advantage the next time you play.

We know that when it comes to choosing those all important players, up-to-date, relevant facts, figures and news is essential to inform good decision making. Our team of fantasy sports enthusiasts make sure our site is updated regularly with anything they discover which may affect the outcome of your fantasy sports competitions. The detailed analysis we provide can offer the vital data you need to successfully pick that winning team. Straight-forward, user-friendly filters mean it’s easy to sort through the data available in order to find the facts which are relevant to your fantasy sports choices.

If you’re based in Australia and want access to daily fantasy sports players, top quality stats, projections and analysis, it’s time to take a look at what we’ve got to offer. We use highly experienced staff to ensure that our fantasy sports section contains everything you need to know to pick a strong team that just might give you the fantasy player success you’re looking for. When you use iPunt, your information comes from experts who are all as interested in fantasy sports as you are.

Fantasy NRL

From highly accurate, up-to-date NRL statistics through to expert NRL analysis, NRL projections and more, we’re the place to go for high quality information to inform your daily fantasy sports cash games choices. Whether you’re doing some intensive planning in order to ensure you get the line up absolutely right, or only have a few minutes to select the best team for the job, we’ve got NRL picks that will really help when it comes to that vital decision making.

If you want the edge when it comes to fantasy sports, you’ve got it with our intriguing fantasy NRL cheat sheets. For further assistance, why not check out our daily fantasy NRL projections which provide a useful guide on which players to select each week?

We bring you salary data straight from fantasy sports operators, in addition to plenty of NRL stats and skilled analysis, giving you all the information you need to optimise your chances in daily fantasy NRL.

Our fantasy NRL players section is updated each day with fresh news, informative editorials and other top quality info which can help you plan for fantasy sporting success. If you want to create fantasy line ups that stand out for all the right reasons, you need to be on iPunt.

Fantasy AFL

Our fantasy AFL information is chosen and put together by experienced fantasy AFL enthusiasts who have an excellent grasp of what’s necessary for successful play. Here at iPunt we provide everything you need for your daily fantasy AFL cash games. From high quality, relevant stats through to top picks and some extremely useful cheat sheets, you can find everything you need to select your ultimate dream team of fantasy AFL players.

For a little additional assistance, why not take a look at our fantasy AFL projections? Updated weekly, they provide the perfect guide to who might make a suitable team for upcoming AFL events and fixtures.

We have details of AFL salaries and other vital stats obtained direct from fantasy sports operators. Added to regularly, this type of intelligence is vital when planning daily AFL fantasy games.

In addition to a wealth of high quality statistical information which can be easily sorted to reveal the numbers which are of particular interest, we also update iPunt daily. This gives you access to fresh, informative and entertaining news items, editorials and details of future promotions which are of interest to our readers.

Fantasy EPL

If you’re fascinated by fantasy EPL, then iPunt is the place to be. Packed with intriguing EPL statistics, analysis and projections, we’ve put together a stunning array of EPL information that ensures we’ve got your daily fantasy EPL cash games well and truly covered.

Whether you want to plot our your ultimate team of EPL fantasy players, or fancy a little assistance from our cheat sheets or EPL fantasy projections, we’ve got the data you need in an easily accessible format.

Much of our information, including salary figures, comes straight from fantasy sports operators, so you can benefit from accurate, up to date information that can really make a difference to your fantasy EPL success. Our stats are updated on a regular basis, so you can always find up to the minute intelligence on your favourite EPL fantasy players.

A large percentage of our material is exclusive to iPunt – you just won’t find it in our easy to read format on other sites. We bring you daily updates on EPL fantasy sports news, views, opinions, projections and statistics, ensuring our customers have everything they need to make the most of their chances to create the perfect EPL fantasy sports team.

Fantasy NFL

Fantasy Daily NFL cash games are a popular hobby that can make you a tidy sum if you’ve got the right information to back your guess work. At iPunt we offer a wide range of useful fantasy NFL data which can maximise your chances of picking the right combination of fantasy NFL players. In addition to a wide range of stats, we also offer top picks for upcoming NFL fixtures and events, as well as expert views and opinions from our knowledgeable NFL fantasy Team.

We use data from NFL fantasy sports operators to ensure you’re always kept up to date. Whether you need to know recent salary data or some other vital number which could make all the difference to your Daily fantasy cash game predictions, we’ve got what you need here at iPunt. For a little extra assistance, why not make use of our fantasy NFL projections? We can’t promise you a win, but we can promise to do everything we can to give you helpful information and views which just might make a difference.

Our NFL fantasy sports section is updated daily with fresh, exciting news and previews of what’s coming up and what NFL fantasy sports opportunities are available.

Fantasy NBA

Daily fantasy NBA cash games are an exciting way to pit your wits against the odds to see if you can come up with what’s statistically the ultimate winning fantasy NBA players. At iPunt we’ve got all the information, stats, projections, hot picks and other vital data you need to improve your chances of spotting the NBA talent needed to make your fantasy NBA team a winner.

We provide in-depth data from fantasy league operators, so, if you’re looking for essential facts on salary or similar variables, at iPunt we’ve got just what you’re looking for, available in a user friendly format that’s easy to get to grips with.

If you want to take other peoples’ informed views into account when deciding on your preferred line up, our cheat sheets give you our expert thoughts and opinions on what might be the most suitable choices to make.

Daily fantasy news, updates and in-depth articles from our expert team ensures you’ve always got the information you need to make the right decisions at your fingertips. We aim to bring you items of real interest to NBA daily fantasy sports enthusiasts, ensuring you’ve always got access to premium stats, projections and much more.