About Us

Punt Media Pty Ltd, a network of websites providing betting information and news about sports, racing, lotteries and fantasy sports, owns and operates this website. We offer expert betting tips for a range of popular sports enjoyed by Australians, as well as horse racing. This website also includes betting tools to help and enhance consumers’ enjoyment, and all the best analysis to point users in the right direction. Consumers who want to be ahead of the game with their betting on all of their favourite sports, racing, lotteries and even eSports come to us for our detailed betting information that is designed to give a competitive advantage and make betting more fun and successful.

Importantly, however, we are not a betting company and nor do we own a gambling licence. Rather, what we offer to Australian consumers is simply detailed and expert information about betting companies that are operating within the Financial Transaction Records Act, and which are themselves fully licensed and regulated. We work closely with prominent Australian corporate bookmakers and lottery betting companies, all of which are licensed out of the Northern Territory.

Put simply, we take our role in the betting information industry very seriously, for the enjoyment and protection of consumers. We strictly follow all Australian laws, including the Interactive Gambling Act, which regulates interactive gambling within the country. This also means we don’t collect any personal data from users and consumers, except in the way that is clearly laid out in the privacy policy.

Problem Gambling

Most people, including Punt Media and this website, regard gambling as an exciting and potentially rewarding form of entertainment that can be enjoyed responsibly. In fact, gambling is a common pursuit for many Australians, with 70% of Australians participating in one form or another each year. Whether it’s putting a few dollars on the Melbourne Cup, buying the odd lottery ticket to try to strike it lucky, putting some gold coins in the pokies after a pub meal or spending a Saturday night at the casino, gambling is responsibly enjoyed throughout and across the country.

Unfortunately, it is true that gambling becomes a problem for some consumers. In some cases, this can cause significant harm both to the individual and the people surrounding them. Up to 500,000 Australians are at increased risk of becoming problem gamblers, or they already are, but it’s important to know that if you think this could be you, you are not alone.

Whether you think your gambling problem is slight, or if gambling has become a significant issue that is affecting your life, you can get help. Gambling Help Online is a great resource for those seeking help, and it may just be a case of needing to talk and hear from others who are going through the same thing.

So if you think gambling is becoming a problem for you, please don’t hesitate to actively look for help. A great first step can be a self-exclusion application, which is a voluntary process. This means betting companies will simply stop taking your business, and the best thing is that you remain in control – you decide how long the self-exclusion period should be, and whether you should continue with it or re-enter the world of enjoyable, responsible gambling.